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"Dare to be different
and radiate your weirdness."

Practicing and teaching yoga is an art -- both indivisibly connecting with the heart. I teach classes with the same enthusiasm and devotion as i like being taught myself: always welcoming; open to positive and transformative experiences. The primary focus during a class is cemented  to aid students with varying skills -- from beginners to advanced -- to reach their personal goals as well as create new, more challenging ones. Joining my class, you will transcend into a magical group synergy and feel the uplifting energy with the progression of each session.

I encourage you to rediscover yourself -- body and mind --, feel inspired as you delicately explore every breath, and at times accept a physical challenge . The accompanying music is carefully selected to complement each posture with a magical fluidity -- a satisfying sensory delight.  As a certified Jivamukti teacher I began my teaching journey with Hatha yoga, (based on the principle of Critical Alignment) which also includes Yin and yoga Nidra.

For both Vinyasa and Yin Teacher Trainings I facilitate the workshops:

- Asana technique (Vinyasa TT)
 These workshops cover the most important Vinyasa asanas: to teach as well as learn to analyze and adjust them in accordance with the physical potential of your students. 

- Pranayama en Mantra (Yin TT)
 Diving deeper into the power of breathing. Prana is the life force. Breathing is your engine during the asana practice. PRA means 'moving' and NA means 'always'. Pranayama is controlling the normal pace of your breath and thereby controlling your mind.
- Philosophy en Ayurveda (Yin TT)
- Hatha philosophy (Vinyasa TT)

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